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Horror Bundle
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Horror away with the new Horror Bundle I. Get 10 Steam games and save a fantastic 97% with this epic Horror Bundle!

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123 Slaughter Me Street
Normal Price: $4.50

Horror, Indie, Action

123 Slaughter Me Street 2
Normal Price: $6.42

Action, Adventure, Gore

Case #8
Normal Price: $4.50

Adventure, Indie, Horror

Coma: Mortuary
Normal Price: $6.76

Horror, Indie, Adventure

Cubium Dreams
Normal Price: $4.50

Indie, Adventure, Action

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches
Normal Price: $5.63

Adventure, Indie, Point & Click

Realms of the Haunting
Normal Price: $2.70

Action, Horror, FMV

Daily Chthonicle: Editor's Edition
Normal Price: $3.71

Simulation, Indie, Casual

Between Me and The Night
Normal Price: $14.66

Indie, Adventure, Action

Dead Effect
Normal Price: $5.63

Zombies, Action, FPS